Another branding tip and cultural pillar of any Creative Agency is to remember that artists are those who radically “see and listen.”

We must take time to simply be present. And, being present to more diverse conversations, authors, teachers, musicians, and trans-discipline experiences. We must become students of the world by seeing and listening: students of observation.

Oh! that we would be people of observation. Mystery. Surprise. Delight. Stealing à la @austinkleon. For me, my process of ideation begins with observation. With every client and project, you can be sure I will take the time to observe.

Some of us can recognize the difference between looking and seeing: where seeing requires one’s undivided attention; then, there’s the difference between hearing and listening: where listening is the truly hard work of actively engaging with what the Other is saying and not saying, right?

Artists see and listen. As a Creative Director working with a wide variety of other Artists, it's important to immerse oneself in the process of discovery.

Creative Agency Founder writing on ideation, art, and design. Photographer at

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