“Everything is profound.” No, really––everything is profound.

You want to tell the very best story ever, no matter what? Reject the notion and defeated voice declaring, “not everything is profound.” Be consistent about finding what’s worthy, because it’s there. When you choose to accept this reality: the world opens up to you in mysterious ways and your story will flourish.

And before we can tell that story, we must become the sort of person who lives that story. Put another way: before we can authentically speak a story, we must inhabit the story. It is through awareness we know, and it is through knowing we learn, and it is through learning we share. Thus, we aim to live more aware.

Everything is profound and you have something worthy to share with the world. Speak that out loud, believe it, and then move intentionally curious through your day, house, conversations, and your world.

Creative Agency Founder writing on ideation, art, and design. Photographer at unsplash.com/justinpheapco.

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