We often get to where we’re going and think that’s where we’re staying because that’s as far as we could see from where we were.

Keep moving because you can only recognize change at a later moment; keep going, into the future, and you'll see with clarity where you were, just a moment ago.

Every aspect of business is changing. The way you tell a story and who you tell that story to is different because of #covid19 and the global impact we’re now aware of. This means you (and others) will benefit from an outside perspective. Now is the time to innovate and make a shift. Consumers, users, clients, and partners are all thinking about business with a different mindset: there are new dots to be connected, so to speak.

Now is the time to keep going.

Don’t wait another day to elevate the conversations around your table –er, zoom meeting. I’m always game to chat with you about ways I can help you connect all the branding dots, answer questions, or just listen if that’s what you need!

Creative Agency Founder writing on ideation, art, and design. Photographer at unsplash.com/justinpheapco.

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